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When People are Emotionally Invested, they want to Contribute.

About US

In the heart of the corporate events landscape, “Humotion Unlimited- Where Human Touch Meets Emotional Brilliance” unfolded its wings as Prachi Malavade, a compassionate HR expert with 12 years of experience, joined hands with Dr. Chintan Thacker, a seasoned event planner with 15 years of emotion-infused brilliance. Their collaboration is a symphony of human connection and event finesse. Prachi, with her deep understanding of people and emotions found a perfect counterpart in Dr. Chintan, whose events are not just gatherings but emotional journeys.

“Humotion Unlimited”, now under the empathetic leadership of Prachi and the visionary touch of Dr. Chintan, will have crafted events that resonate on a human level. Each gathering won’t be just a moment in time; it will be an emotional landscape painted with care,
understanding, and the magic of Dr. Chintan’s event prowess. In the ever-evolving tapestry of corporate collaboration, Prachi Malavade and Dr Chintan Thacker’s “Humotion Unlimited” will stand out as a haven where human emotions will not just be acknowledged but celebrated, leaving an enduring imprint on the canvas of corporate events.

"Event is all about creating a memorable experience for your Employees."

Prachi Malavade and Dr. Chintan Thacker’s partnership is a beacon of empathy and creativity. Team-building experiences won’t be just activities; they will become bridges connecting hearts. Conferences will not be mere schedules; they will be woven with threads of inspiration and shared purpose.

Our Goals & Belief.

Every Employee Entertained.

Exhilarated Employees boost company's profits.

Enhancing Organisational Success.

Euphoric Employees are Loyal.

Our Services

We at Humotion Unlimited are Offering our Specialised Services to Corporates Nationally.




Event Designing

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Prachi Malavade


MBA Finance Professional experience of 12+ years in Talent Acquisition with corporates, handling positions at all organizational levels in varied Sectors (Retail, FMCG, Healthcare, IT, Investment Banking, Finance, Infra, Media, Automobile, NBFCs, Metallurgy, Logistics, HR, and Accounting. Etc.), Stakeholder Management, Client Management, Coordination, and Team Management.


Dr. Chintan Thacker


Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Corporate Events, Social Events, Wedding Planning, Music Videos, Advertising, Branding, Film, and Documentaries. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a B.M.M. focused in Advertising from S.K. Somaiya College. Having over 15 years of experience in marketing, Event Planning, Brand Design, Digital Marketing, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Business Consulting.

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